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About Mobile Dent Repair in Orlando, Florida

Profinish Automotive is a mobile business specializing in automotive cosmetic repairs serving the greater Orlando area. We repair any damage or wear to vehicles of all types including paint repair, bumper repair, dents, minor car accidents, scratches, interior repair of any kind, damaged wheels and paintless dent repair. A true one stop shop at your door.

Profinish Automotive is the oldest mobile express auto paint repair shop in Orlando.
We strive for an all win formula. If you have a vehicle with multiple repair needs let us know so we can work on a complete package to fit your needs. We are completely licensed and have the best equipment ,tools and training money can buy. The details are in writing before work begins. Best of all you most likely have a personal referal so you can trust us to take care of you.

We fix any type of damage to your vehicle including painting repair, minor accidents, scratched wheels, bumper repair, interior leather repair,headlight color repair, faded paint on trim, aged surfaces, paintless dent repair, paint perfecting, paint touchup, just about anything affecting the look of your car. Just ask, we can help you.

Expert paint matching on every job. We use Matrix Paint System for excellent match and durability.


The most exposed section of any vehicle and most common area for paint removal is the front and rear bumper. Whether it's plastic, textured or painted, bumpers are the fore-front of scratches, scuffs and bumper to bumper paint rubbing.

S.M.A.R.T repair technique applied only the affective area need be prepped for sanding, paint application and clearcoat.

The average body shop takes at least 2 days for a small repair and for larger repairs, you could wait weeks. Save your time, gas and money and have Profinish come to your door, and repair your car. Dont forget, all estimates are given on paper, BEFORE work begins. If you want a quick estimate for your repair, click to send us an quick estimate request or call us at (407) 285-4571.

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